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1875 Eye Street, NW * Suite 500 * Washington, DC 20006 * Contact: fe3dsllc@gmail.com. FEEEDS Articles @ www.blogitrrs.blogspot.comGoGreen! Send letters via email/use Contact Us Tab. Beware! Fraudulent money, insurance & benefits scams from Nigeria, Houston & Congo using Amb. Sanders name & likeness. These are fraud scams. See Fraud Alert Tab. Report all to FBI 419 SCAM at: spam@uce.gov


Bank of America Fraud Letter:

New Bank Scam using my name and fake Bank Information as of January 2017:
2. BANK ADDRESS: Kerrville Texas 78028 USA
3. ACCOUNT #: 3202650
4. ROUTING #: 114922443
If you had not authorized the change of your bank account in respect to your outstanding entitlement Payment, therefore notify me immediately as the notification / declaration was supported with a sworn affidavit from Lagos high court ref: ilk /jj/202/k2015, dated 31st January 2017 and signed by Mrs. Glenda Ward who claim and stated in the sworn declaration that you authorized her to claim the said fund on your behalf to a different bank account in the U.S.A as stated above because you were terminally ill and the Doctor who is in charge of your case stated that you will not stay more than one Month before passing away.

Fraudulent ID Card:

Beware of the illegal use of Ambassador Sanders photograph on this "Fake Identity Card" (attached above, which not only inapproriately uses Ambassador Sanders likeness and name, but is also illegally claiming to be an official identification card on the U.S. Government and U.S. Consulate/Embassy in Nigeria. This "Fake ID" card is being circulated by Nigerian 419 scammers to try to get funds from innocent people. As this website notes in various places -- any email or request seeking funds, resources, information related to money transfers, deposits, persons who are injured seeking financial assistance, or seeking insurance benefits, or pension money is a FRAUD and comes from a fake email addresses. Please report all such emails and requests to the U.S. Government's Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), which has a 419 scam alert page. We seek to report all of these to the FBI if they are brought to our attention. Thank you.

Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders

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