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Dr. Sanders Moderates Congressional Breakfast TownHall on Boko Haram Issues under Leadership of Cong. Bass. Nigerian Ambassador Adefuye & U.S. Ambassador Jackson were expert panalists 




         August 2022:

  • Dr. Sanders appeared on the China Global Television Network (CGTN). The program discussed the U.S.’ and China’s different approaches to development in Africa. Amb. Sanders highlighted a few differences, noting that the U.S. has to play catchup in the region in a number of areas as a result of not having consistent engagement with the region several years back. She also noted that the current U.S. Administration was making moves in the right direction with doubling up on both its development tools, resources, and engagement with the African Continent.  

        July 2022:

  • Click the link to see the photo and information on Amb. Sanders’ (CEO-FEEEDS) and Gallup's new CEO, Jon Clifton, as they co-hosted their 9th Annual Africa Forum. The event’s honored speakers included USTDA’s Director Enoh Ebong and NSC Africa’s Director Judd Devermont. This year's theme: "Trade, the Diaspora, & Policy: Paths to Strengthening the US-Africa Relationship". View the information here: Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders, The Africa Post (TAP) for FEEEDS: 9th Annual FEEEDS-Gallup Africa Forum-Another Successful Year, Another Successful Event! 
  • Amb. Sanders participated in the 2022 Aspen Security Forum, one of the world's leading forums which brings together key global leaders, from all sectors, to discuss the key global issues of the day, including security, health, politics, economics, and the state of the world. Amb. Sanders attended sessions on Africa, intelligence, and national security issues with a focus, China, and the Russia-Ukraine war.
  • Dr. Sanders held a discussion with several Nigerian advocacy organizations in an effort to help expand networking and development efforts in support of Nigeria.

        June 2022:

  • FEEEDS attended the discussion of the European Union (EU) investment plan (Global Gateway), and consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Africa's energy, food security, and its people. The event was organized by Atlantic Council Africa, Europe Centers, and the Delegation of European Union to U.S. Speakers included: Amb. Steve Lambrinidis, EU Ambassador to U.S.; Rita Laranjinha, Africa Managing Director; European External Action Service; Amb. Molly Phee, U.S. Assistant Secretary for African Affairs; the State Department, and African Union Ambassador Hilda Suka-Mafudze.
  • Dr. Sanders on the Al Jazeera News Sall-Putin Meeting: Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders, The Africa Post (TAP) for FEEEDS: AJA News interviews Amb. Robin Sanders on African Union Chairman Macky Sall's-Putin Meeting to Release Grain 
  • FEEEDS attended the Constituency for Africa stakeholder meeting designed to discuss the future of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which is scheduled to end in 2025. The emphasis of the event was to involve the voice and views of the African & Greater Diaspora in shaping the US-Africa trade legislation agenda for the future.
  • Dr. Sanders led the African Business Roundtable in the greater Philadelphia area as part of a pre-event for the city's world famous African Odunde Festival, in cooperation with the city's Africa Business Council. The event was held at Temple University, with honored speakers: the Amb. George Patten, the Liberian to Ambassador to the U.S. and Amb. Ibrahima Toure, the Ivorian Ambassador to the U.S. The Ambassadors highlighted small business opportunities in their countries & importance of partnerships with the Greater African Diaspora. Amb. Sanders, along with the other Ambassadors, received proclamations from the city's Mayor Jim Kenny and City Councilmen Johnson.   
  • Amb. Sanders attended the NATO public forum held on the sidelines of NATO's 2-day conference in Madrid to hear both government and military senior officials discuss the future of the Alliance and the current strategy on Russia-Ukraine war. The NATO forum was organized by NATO, the Elcano Royal Institute, German Marshall Fund, Munich Security Conference, and Atlantic Council.     

        May 2022:

  • FEEEDS attended the Foreign Policy Magazine's timely forum on protecting journalists with press advocates, industry leaders exploring barriers to press freedom, key import of safety and protection of journalists, etc. RIP #AJA journalist Shireen Abu Akleh (May 11, 2022). 16 press professionals were killed in 2022, thus far; 50 in 2021, and many before since statistics have been kept.
  • Planning is underway for the "Ninth FEEEDS-GALLUP Annual Africa-Forum" in Summer 2022. Stay Tuned! 
  • FE3DS, LLC attended selected sessions of the US Chamber of Commerce’s 2-day "Global Forum on Competition in the Global Marketplace" event, which focused on competition for global markets, as well as challenges to achieving sustainable, durable, and inclusive growth, creating jobs, and prosperity.
  • Dr. Sanders attended a "Building a Customer-Centric Business" session from Criticaleye’s 2022 CEO Retreat and its day-two wrap session.
  • FEEEDS met with the new Atlantic Council Director for Africa to discuss partnerships.
  • Amb. Sanders attended a special 2022 Africa Day event by the African Union, with its 2022 theme: “Building Resilience in Nutrition on the African Continent: Accelerate Human Capital, Social & Economic Development.” The Conference included two plenaries: Investing in Human Capital to Address Nutrition Challenges; and Financing and Advocacy to Build Resilience.

  • Dr. Sanders, in continuing her philanthropy, donated works of art to the Morgan State University Museum, James E. Lewis Museum of Art (JELMA). The JELMA Museum is a cultural extension of Morgan State University's Fine Arts academic program.

         April 2022:

  • As Senior Advisory to Concordia, Dr. Sanders participated in Concordia's first-ever Summit held in the U.S. heartland. The event in Lexington, Kentucky further underscored Concordia's commitment to discuss and seek solutions to global issues through a cross-sectoral lens by working with global partners, industry and government leaders, and international organizations.
  • FEEEDS participated in a CFA stakeholder session with Kenyan Presidential candidate Raila Odinga, who will be running in the country's August 2022 election, to hear what his plans are for Kenya's future, as well as his current work on emphasizing importance of Africa's infrastructure development. 

  • Amb. Sanders was asked to serve as the new Chairwoman of the U.S.-Africa Trade and Advisory Council (aka US-TACA) - the Advisory Council of the United States Office of the Trade Representative (USTR) of the United States focused on U.S.-Africa Trade issues. Dr. Sanders was honored to be asked to serve in this capacity.

  • FEEEDS joined a new board focused on educational support for graduate students committed to both studying international affairs/a global affairs sector, followed by a commitment to serve in the Federal Government. 

  • Amb. Sanders was part of a select few senior American and International Women Leaders invited to dine with the President of Tanzania, Samina Suluhu Hassan, during her first visit to the U.S. as head of state, head of government, and head of the armed forces of her country. She is the only current the only sitting African female president that has ever carried all 3 titles.  

  • Amb. Sanders was invited as a VIP guest to a signature, selected event in honor of leading international and US government diverse leaders recognizing WTO DG Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, USTDA Director Ebong, US EXIM Chair Lewis, Deputy Assistant Secretary Cook, and U.S. Dept of Commerce Senior Advisor Umunnah to name a few. It was a great event organized by Rimsom Associates.

  • FEEEDS participated in the World Bank/IMF 2022 Spring meetings. Those of note to FEEEDS’ areas of work include sessions on climate change; world conflicts, especially the Russia-Ukraine war; the triple threat of slowing global economy; recession and stagflation; continued supply chain issues; and the outlook for remainder of 2022.

  • FEEEDS participated in the Foreign Policy Magazine's 2-day Climate Change (CC) Summit with key heads of states/leaders from around the world who are seen as leaders on CC. Leaders provided innovative ideas on what their countries, cities, or companies are doing to address CC.  Key speakers were: New Zealand PM Ardern, Costa Rica's outgoing President Quesada, and London Mayor Khan--all sharing details on their work in key global CC groupings (HAC & CO40).

  • Dr. Sanders traveled to the Philly area called "Africatown," as part of FEEEDS’ efforts to support the building of an innovation hub in that district. The hub’s goal is to support and assist efforts by key local leaders and activists to provide the underserved communities with access to the latest digital skills, training, and equipment. 

  • As part of her ongoing community activities, Dr. Sanders participated in a project to assist refugee families by making dresses and shirts for refugee children from Haiti and Afghanistan.

  • Amb. Sanders attended a small VIP Smithsonian event honoring cast of "Blackish," as the US television show comes to an end. The small, elegant event included time/pics with the show’s stars: Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jennifer Lewis, Yara Shahidi and the other young, accomplished stars.

  • FE3DS, LLC participated in an Atlantic Council briefing from the US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on the State of the Global Economy.

  • Dr. Sanders participated in a series of 4 stakeholder discussions/meetings with senior U.S. officials, working on Africa for the very important upcoming 2022 U.S.-Africa Leaders' and Business Summit, where input and sights were provided for planning and executing this important event. The 2022 African Leaders' Summit will be only the second one the U.S. has held since 2014.

         March 2022:

  • Amb. Sanders spoke at the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Africa Program for International Women's Month on the status of African Women and Girls’ education and health and the current situation on the continent. Highlighted key data, from Hologic-Gallup, included recent polling and the key nexus of education & health for women of color 
  • Amb. Sanders attended a briefing on the updated Prosper Africa strategy and implementation, which focused on increasing U.S. exports to and investment in the creative industries, ICT, and digital technologies, infrastructure, and energy based on input from African entrepreneurs, business leaders, and African government officials. The goal of recent efforts to reinvigorate Prosper Africa was to ensure it helped remove barriers to U.S. trade and investment, drive US-Africa transactions, and promote market opportunities between the U.S. and the African Continent.
  • FEEEDS attended a stakeholders briefing on the new/revamped U.S.-Africa Strategy, which seeks to renew America's approach and working relationship with the African Continent, including ensuring democracy and security are linked; understanding that climate adaptation and COVID assistance are critical; and having a strong engagement on trade, development, including in area of digitalization. The ultimate goal is to ensure Africa is elevated as a U.S. strategic partner across all sectors.
  • FEEEDS attended a key briefing on the U.S. Army's military priorities for the next 5 years from personnel to training to equipment, as well as global areas of concern on top of the current Russian-Ukraine crisis from the Army's Chief of Staff General McConville
  • FEEEDS and Gallup hosted Nigeria's Ambassador to the United States, the Honorable Dr. Uzoma Emenike, for their joint International Women's Month program. The Honorable Ambassador discussed the important leadership roles women play around the world on all fronts, particularly in Nigeria, and the challenges that remain to give women more of a political and economic voice. She also highlighted key areas to help young people on the Continent (entrepreneurship), and addressed the issues of health, education, and development. FEEEDS partners, the African Caribbean Business Council (ACBC), UPAC, and USAfricaTrade also participated.
  • Amb. Sanders spoke at the International Women's Month Program on Women of Color in Diplomacy to the Maryland Prince George's Chapter of the Links Incorporated Chapter.
  • Amb. Sanders provides reflections and comments on the legacy of the late Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and her key global visions about democracy, peace, and the role that NATO can play in ensuring both. Click the link to see the interview: https://youtu.be/_jV5rz6bESc?t=1317
  • Amb. Sanders joined 78 other national security experts in signing the Center on Climate Change Security’s - @CntrClimSec - 2022 report to encourage more action on climate change, underscoring that it is both the US and global national interest. See the report at: https://tinyurl.com/28ryvjcn
  • Amb. Sanders attended key events with four former African Women Heads of State to hear their views on six policy recommendations they view as critical for Africa's future advancement and forward progress. The leaders include Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia (2006 – 2018), Her Excellency Joyce Banda, President of Malawi (2012 – 2014), Her Excellency Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of Mauritius (2015 – 2018), and Honorable Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, Prime Minister of Namibia (2015 - present).

  • FEEEDS participated in DEVEX's World Economic Forum covering topics like: resetting the Economic System for a new future, using 4IR, COVID, and the UK's former Foreign Secretary Rabb on the importance of democracy and the UK to have a new global brand.

  • FEEEDS participated in the Atlantic Council's Africa Center virtual conversation with Rwandan Foreign Minister and Minister of Cooperation the Honorable Vincent Biruta, Minister of Foreign Affairs, during his visit to Washington D.C. His conversation focused on Rwanda's vision in the context of the U.S.’ return to multilateral affairs, Rwandan political and economic challenge, the state of insecurity in the Great Lakes Region, and the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

       February 2022:

  • Amb. Sanders attended The United Nations’ Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) fifth African Business Forum, held on the margins of the thirty-fifth ordinary session of the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government held in Addis Ababa. The focus of the Forum was: Investing in Transport & Tourism, and Optimizing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Benefits
  • FEEEDS participated in the "State of Human Rights Around the World Program", held by HRW to hear an in-depth discussion and presentation on the extraordinary challenges in the human rights area around the world and the dire circumstances that exist for many of humankind
  • Amb. Sanders attended a stakeholder's meeting on the US administration's new US-Africa strategy
  • FEEEDS is among many entities that are partners in the long term, comprehensive African Diaspora project called "Africatown", located in the greater Philadelphia area
  • FEEEDS participated in a number of Black History Month service projects, activities, & programs

        January 2022:

  • FEEEDS participated in a range of MLK Day of Service activities from in-person donations/drives to schools, libraries, and focused charities for Haiti and Afghan refugees
  • Amb. Sanders attended the U.S. Chamber’s "State of American Business 2022", which featured the U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Suzanne Clark. The event focused on following themes: “Competition for the Future”; “Keeping Commerce Moving and Economies Thriving”; and “Innovating for a Healthier and More Prosperous World”
  • FEEEDS supported a "Meet and Greet" for the new Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, where Amb. Sanders has donated no-less-than six large pieces of her African Art Collection

         December 2021:

  • See Dr. Sanders’ December 2021 blog on summarizing the uptick of jihadist activity and the  expansion of terrorist activity into various parts of Africa, particularly other countries in the Sahel and in Eastern Congo Border: Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders, The Africa Post (TAP) for FEEEDS: Dr. Sanders on Al Jazeera Television: On Burkina Faso Unrest & Uganda-DRC Joint Military Actions - As Terrorist Activities in Africa Increase (blogitrrs.blogspot.com)
  • Dr. Sanders also interviewed with Al Jazeera news on another local terrorist concern in Sub Saharan Africa -- groups with jihadists-links, expanding into the Ugandan-Eastern Congo border area. Her interview focuses on the recent approval by the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) regarding its decision to allow Uganda forces to initiate hot pursuit to enter DRC as well as participate in joint military operations in DRC to help quell the large uptick in violence on the border. Uganda has also blamed the recent bombings and protest in its capital, Kampala, by these same groups, particularly the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) working with the support and sometimes direction of outside jihadists elements from the Islamic State and any of its affiliates. Click link to see AJA news clip of interview: https://youtu.be/gagWnWK46fk
  • Ambassador Sanders appeared on Al Jazeera (AJA) News on December 3, 2021, to talk, in general, about the continuing rise and expansion of jihadist activity in the Sahel as insecurity concerns reached a peak with massive street protests in Burkina Faso's capital, Ouagadougou, over the last few months. Protesters are demanding the government improve security and the protection of civilians against the uptick of violence, murder, and human rights abuses, leading to the resignation of the country's Prime Minister, Christophe Dabire, and a care-taker government in response. Meanwhile, the insecurity driven by terrorist attacks continues unabated. Click link to see the AJA news interview with Amb. Sanders: https://youtu.be/cSnTIyLUrzo
  • Amb. Sanders appeared on China Global Television (CGTN) discussing the “China-Africa Annual Forum: Its Role & China's Goal of Building Stronger Ties”, you can view the clip here: The Heat: China-Africa Forum - YouTube

         November 2021:

  • In early November, Ambassador Sanders discussed the Ethiopia crisis on Al Jazeera news service. You can view the interview here: https://mediaview. aljazeera.com/video/Iui4QEVEiw
  • Amb. Sanders participated in Georgetown University's International School Diplomacy's (ISD) panel on today's Transnational Threats. Amb. Sanders was asked to discuss these issues in Africa. The panel discussion can be found here.
  • Global Issues Update: COP26 and Concordia Global Summit - Key takeaways for FEEEDS: Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders, The Africa Post (TAP) for FEEEDS: FEEEDS Global Issues Update: Concordia's 2021 Summit Report, Women's Health Index, Democracy Regression & Climate Change/COP26 (blogitrrs.blogspot.com) 
  • Dr. Sanders, as CEO-FEEEDS, participated in Aspen Security Forum. Key speakers: the Joint Chiefs Chairman, Army General Mark Milley, the Former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, General Paul Nakasone, the NSA Director & Commander, the U.S. Cyber Command, Climate Czar John Kerry, among others.
  • FEEEDS participated in several COP26, Climate Change and Sustainable Development focused events focusing on Resilience & Adaptation, Food & Agriculture, Innovation and Green Energy.
  • As visiting scholar and Robert Morris University's distinguished public service scholar, Dr. Sanders keynotes at RMU's new Innovation Center on the benefits of innovative thinking and innovation in addressing Global Issues
  • FEEEDS participated in the Wall Street Journal's "Innovators" event, which was on innovation and ESG Leadership. Dr. Sanders was invited to the Wall Street Journal's Cybersecurity Executive Forum.
  • Dr. Sanders attended a stakeholder session on updates on the U.S.-Africa policy focus in light of the Secretary of State Antony Blinken's Africa trip.
  • Amb. Sanders appeared on Gallup's Podcast: Highlighting the Importance of Data-Policy-Dialogue Linkages in Order to Concretely Understand & Improve Life Quality & Development for Africa, particularly for Africa's women and region's youth. You can view the podcast here: https://news.gallup.com/podcast/353909/women-backbone-africa.aspx?utm_source=alert&utm_medium=email&utm_content=morelink&utm_campaign=syndication

         October 2021:        

  • Amb. Sanders participated in a joint Georgetown School of Diplomacy & American Academy of Diplomacy event on Global Transnational threats; Amb. Sanders focused on Africa.
  • FEEEDS attended the Fall 2021 World Bank & IMF Sessions, with a specific focus on FEEEDS' areas on inclusive growth in developing economies, global policies, and climate change.
  • FEEEDS participated in a London-based international conference with a focus on sustainability, net zero, ESG, and CEO Retreat.
  • CEO-FEEEDS was invited to the 2021 Operation Hope Summit. Key themes included: Racial & Economic Inclusion, Thriving in Post-COVID, Small Businesses Banking, and Practice & Wellbeing Policies.
  • FE3DS attended a U.S. Chamber of Commerce US-Africa Business Center Trade event.
  • Having served in the U.S. Diplomatic Corps during the tenure of Secretary Colin Powell, Ambassador Sanders' shares one of her remembrances of him in a television interview about the late General, highlighting he was not only one of the nation's top policy and strategic leaders, but leaves a legacy of kindness, thoughtfulness, and inclusiveness with his passing. Ambassador Sanders had honor of being sworn into her first Ambassadorship to Republic of Congo by the late Secretary; the ceremony included Ambassador Andrew Young. Click the link to hear Ambassador Sanders televised remembrance:  https://www. youtube.com/watch?v= K91sKUu5aDM

         September 2021: 

  • FEEEDS was invited to the Africa Policy Briefing by Vice President Harris' senior advisor on the region. This was hosted by the Constituency for Africa during its Ron Brown Series.

  • Five Nigerian Governors met with CEO-FEEEDS and others to discuss US-Nigeria relations as well as security and economic issues in Nigeria.

  • CEO-FEEEDS attended the London-based discussion on the link between the all-important impact and focus of Environmental, Social & Governance issues (better known as ESGs) and the role it could/should play in Executive Pay.

  • FE3DS, LLC participated in a number of discussions with stakeholder groups on the future of US-Africa trade policy and what's next on AGOA.

  • CEO-FEEEDS continued to work with a number of entities on their ESG frameworks.

  • CEO-FEEEDS, as senior Advisor to global organization Concordia, attended un-related sessions on SDGs, Global Women's Health, Global Economy, COVID impact, and Climate Change.

  • Ambassador Robin Sanders & General Kip Ward were on an episode of the podcast series "The General and the Ambassador", in which they were discussing security, US-Africa relations & US-Africa-China relations. Sanders & Ward outlined a range of US-Africa issues from U.S. national security and regional extremism to the importance of Africa's next generation of economic, political and innovators leaders. They also discussed how the US can better manage the US-China "Great Powers Competition" (GPC), and how Africa see this issue and the region's desire to have a partnership with the US above and beyond the GPC.  Click on Ambassador Sanders' and General Ward's Podcast to hear them discuss current key US-Africa issues.

         August 2021:

  • Amb. Sanders appointed Concordia's Senior Advisor, a prestigious leading global organization, fostering collaboration on global issues. See Concordia's announcement of its new Senior Advisors -- Announcing our 2021-22 Advisors & Senior Advisors (mailchi.mp) -- who will help the organization further its mission to "create a global community where challenges are collaboratively & inclusively solved. Sanders will participate in Concordia's upcoming annual summit of world presidents, and political, business, and social impact leaders held during the United Nations session. 

  • FE3DS was invited to attend key sessions on the importance of business/company Boards, which included a better understanding of cybersecurity, particularly their risks, resilience, and migration of such threats.

  • Sanders participated in full day of events that highlighted the importance of Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs).

  • Dr. Sanders was attending a number of organizations events both international and domestic on ESG issues.

  • Amb. Sanders on Gallup's Podcast: Highlighting importance of data-policy-dialogue linkages to concretely understand & improve life quality & development for Africa, key especially for Africa's women (who are the backbone of the Continent), and the region's young people: https://bit.ly/Sanders-AfricaGallupPodcast 
  • Dr. Sanders was invited to the Aspen Security Forum (ASF) 3-day event on a range of global issues, including US-Europe-NATO-Quad relations, SEC & industry policy views on crypto currency/digital finance, challenging US-China relations & Impact on regional players, Afghanistan, US-World trade policies, Key US National Security Issues, climate change, etc.

  • FEEEDS received a detailed briefing on how various international and African entities are expanding their trade finance programs to assist Africa smaller businesses.

  • FEEEDS invited to a Wall Street Journal event on the importance of Company Boards focusing more on cybersecurity. 

  • FE3DS participated in discussions on visions for US-Africa Trade going forward.

         July 2021:

  • Are you an Africa/Africa Diaspora SME? Interested in learning @afreximbank & @AfCFTA efforts to support the sector? Join us for the 8th Annual FEEEDS-Gallup Africa Forum. Register at either http://bit.ly/F-GForum or through the press announcement https://allafrica.com/stories/202107010916.html
  • Dr. Sanders was invited to the Atlantic Council's event with the new Director-General of the World Trade Organization, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

  • FEEEDS along with its media partner Allafrica.com, and its small business advocacy partners, ACBC of Philadelphia, UPAC and Africa Trade Council hosted its 8th annual FEEEDS-GALLUP event. The focus this year was on trade finance for Africa and Africa Diaspora small businesses. See https://bit.ly/ResourceList-KeyLinks for more details, on-demand, and other key event information.

  • Dr. Sanders was invited along with General Kip Ward to the "Ambassador & the General" podcast hosted by the prestigious American Academy of Diplomacy. The focus of the podcast was insecurity in Africa's Sahel Region.

  • FEEEDS & FE3DS - participated in the Corporate Council on Africa's (CCA) annual 3-day Summit, participating in sessions related to areas the companies’ focuses were on such as: trade finance (particularly on support for SMEs), AGOA, education, the new Africa CFT, the USG's updating of Prosper Africa (or Prosper Africa 2.0), and on strengthening the US-Africa partnership.

         June 2021:

  • FEEEDS participated in the Concordia/ESG climate change discussions on the way forward on areas from cities to nature.

  • FE3DS invited to selected sessions of the 2021 annual meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB), attending sessions on climate change and changing/revamping the global financial systems to be more inclusive of the developing world.

  • Dr. Sanders was invited to participate in an official USG debriefing meeting on President Biden's first international trip. Discussions included highlights and strategy for meetings in the UK, with NATO leaders, and with Russian President Putin.

  • Dr. Sanders attended a special US Institute for Peace (USIP) session on the current state of affairs, particularly security, in Nigeria with input from USIP's recent field mission to the region.

  • Dr. Sanders participated in Concordia's "Sustainability Today" focused on issues across industries on environmental sustainability, smart cities, the circular economy, net zero and carbon solutions, ESG reporting, and renewable energy. 

  • Dr Sanders invited, as board director of Africa solar company, SGI, to annual UN Global Compact Leaders Summit mobilizing resources for on post-COVID action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

        May 2021:

  • Virtual Meeting with Camille & Whitney on CBV to see where Ambassador Sanders & FEEEDS can assist/be supportive, especially on “City Initiatives.” Ambassador Sanders agreed to connect the CBV team with Detroit Radio station (where Ambassador Sanders has strong contact) when appropriate to highlight Detroit’s “City Initiative”, and agreed to connect the CBV team with her Chicago Mayor contacts to possibly pursue the CBV “City Initiative” concept there. The CBV team also said they wanted to reach out to Ambassador Sanders on possible subjects/questions to consider in upcoming polling deployments. Sanders also offered to reach out to Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC) for CBV data to be interactively featured either on a kiosk or video board. This could be a public “evergreen” opportunity for the CBV data at NMAAHC. The CBV team liked the idea, and Ambassador Sanders said if this was something NMAAHC would consider, then Ambassador Sanders, as board member, would pay for this to be stood up in NMAAHC. 
  • Dr. Sanders appeared on Detroit-based radio program "The Lavenia Perryman Show," to discuss her recent article on “Human Rights Issues A Year After George Floyd's Death and U.S. Police Reform - What the Data Tells Us”, featuring data from Gallup's Center on Black Voices & Pew Research Center. Her clip also highlights 100th anniversary of the Black Tulsa Massacre. Begin at minute 36 in the link: https://fb.watch/5KvKsgbv85/; Social media promo card: https://www.facebook.com/910amsuperstation. Perryman's show broadcasts live in metro Detroit & available outside of Detroit on Facebook Livestream, IheartRadio, Roku, AppleTV, etc.; the interviewer is Janie D. Hazel.  
  • Dr. Sanders attended a detailed data research briefing providing historical and current context for the Black Tulsa Massacre, in light of the upcoming 100th anniversary May 31-June 1, 2021, where more than 100 Black Americans were killed. 

  • See Dr. Sanders' U.S. social justice article as we approach the year anniversary of George Floyd death & 100th anniversary of Black Tulsa Massacre of more than 100 African Americans in allafrica.com: Human Rights of U.S. Policing A Year After George Floyd: What the Data Tells Us

  • FE3DS participated in the U.S. Chamber's Global Forum on Economic Recovery. 

  • FEEEDS attended the Women in International Trade Discussion on next steps in the US-Africa Trade Relationship. 

  • FEEEDS participated in the experts discussion on Chad's current political uncertainty and security issues as a result of insurgent fighting held by the Brookings Institute. 

  • Dr. Sanders attended the 11th annual, "Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands", rankings are the most authoritative survey and analysis of brands and underlying businesses in Africa, covering 25 countries that represent all of the continent's five economic regions. Collectively these countries account for over 80% of the population and over 80% of the GDP of Africa. 

  • FEEEDS attended Brookings' panel of experts to examine the latest developments in Chad, as well as the regional implications and deeper policy dilemmas of counterterrorism, stabilization, and good governance. 
  • FEEEDS was invited to participate in a discussion with U.S. military leaders as they discuss modernization of the military, U.S. defense priorities, and opportunities for global strategic cooperation and competition, and separately, with select members of Congress, on supporting democratic resilience within NATO.
  • Dr Sanders' interview on Nigeria's Channels TV on Nigeria's request for the US-Africa Command to relocate; instability in Chad, and growing militant insurgencies in the Africa Region. See the interview at this link: https://youtu.be/jmtslktvBoU 

       April 2021: 

  • Amb. Sanders was invited to the briefing by Lawrence H. Summers on the U.S. economic recovery, the Biden administration's stimulus and infrastructure plans, possible inflation risks, and the implications for the global economy.
  • FEEEDS participated in Afrexim's Africa Continent-Wide Trade finance Survey report session with its strategic partners and central banks, which underscored trade financing as the lifeblood of commerce. Session noted the financial crisis in 2008/09 and credit lines drying up for emerging markets. While Covid-19 had a greater global economic toll, including in April 2020, month on month global trade contracted by 12.1%. This first Continent-Wide Trade Finance Survey helped better understand where Africa stands & the impact on the banking sector. 
  • Dr. Sanders attended the World Bank/IMF Virtual Spring Meetings and sessions entitled: Green Economic Recovery , on working toward a green & create a climate-friendly future; Resilience and Innovation, on how firms can reinvent to create more jobs & how governments can transform the crisis into a growth opportunity; Inclusion, on how policy makers ensure that everyone is included in the recovery, particularly for women and girls; and Rethinking Debt, on the need to better handle debt-financing of developing economies, exploring perspectives on Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), a new  financial architecture for debt management. 
  • FEEEDS attended the Sustainable Investment Forum Europe 2021. Here is the agenda. The Forum connected asset owners, managers, rating agencies, banks, UN and Government policymakers, investors, development banks, think tanks, & NGOs committed to the sustainable finance agenda such as the global recovery effort to get UN SDGs back on track & European ESG Landscape mid & post pandemic and how to conduct effective ESG due diligence. 
  • Dr. Sanders was interviewed by Al Jazeera on the passing of the late president of Tanzania Magufuli and the country's incoming President Samia Suluhu Hassan. 
  • FE3DS attended launch of Afrexim’s first ever Financial Survey event, which highlighted the impact of COVID on Africa's economy (contracting at 1.9%). Survey also provided insight on where Africa's banking sector stands, and was done with key partners (AfDB, UNECA, AU, etc.). 
  • FEEEDS participated in 3-day European Climate Change & Sustainable Development Summit examining a range of issues from food security to pollution, as well as new innovations, as a run-up to COP26 in Glasgow later in the year. 
  • Dr. Sanders was interviewed by Gallup Global Managing Director about her diplomatic career. The event was a closed session for Gallup's world-wide employees and its board members. 
  • As CEO-FEEEDS, Nigeria's ARISE TV interviewed Amb. Sanders on the impact of Pres. Biden's First 100 Days both on US domestic and US-Africa policy. See the interview here: http://bit.ly/ARISETV-Nigeria 
  • FEEEDS participated in Aspen Strategy Institute's discussion with European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, who discussed COVID 2020 impact, challenges, and prospects for Europe's 2021-22 rebound.
  • FEEEDS attended a 2-day key Climate Change Summit held by Foreign Policy (FP) Magazine, serving as a follow-on from Pres. Biden’s recent Leader Summit on Summit. Sessions included key speakers such as Columbian President Márquez, US Climate Czar John Kerry, Prime Ministers of Japan & Iceland and other world leaders on the frontlines of the climate change effort. See FP Climate Summit website. 

         March 2021:

  • Dr. Sanders has added a new focus for FEEEDS - looking at and encouraging the thematic connections between the important business Environment, Social and Governance Pillars (or ESGs), and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). See her article on Allafrica.com: Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Business Pillars - Synergies with the UN SDGs.
  • Dr. Sanders, as the CEO of FEEEDS, spoke at Georgetown's annual Africa Business Conference on Africa's future role as a global trade leader, particularly with AfCTA. This is Sanders’ second time speaking at this prestigious Africa conference of institutional leaders, scholars, & students. Ambassador Sanders focused on AfCTA’s implementation strategies, particularly for Africa SMEs & women businesses, and what can be done more to assist them. 

  • FEEEDS participated in roundtable discussion held by the Council on Foreign Relations with Monica Juma, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Defence. She discussed security dynamics in the Horn of Africa and emerging security threats.

  • FE3DS attended Africa Diaspora Women's Network session on examining COVID's impact on Africa women SMEs. One key stat is that 58% of Africa's self-employed population are women, thus Africa women SMEs have been more negatively impacted. COVID pushed 9.1% of Africa's overall population immediately into poverty.

  • Ambassador Sanders was honored and spoke at this year's The Pan-African Collective "Women’s History Month Profiles in Courage Through Extraordinary Women” in honor of 2021 Women's History Month. 

  • As the CEO of FEEEDS, Ambassador Sanders attended an exclusive conversation with AU ACDC Director, Dr. John Nkengasong, who discussed what’s next as Africa moves forward with the largest vaccination campaign in its history, including examining the challenges that lie ahead.

  • FE3DS, LLC participated in an Aspen Strategic Security session with Dominic Raab, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs and First Secretary of State of the United Kingdom. The session was moderated by well-known NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent and Chief Washington Correspondent, Andrea Mitchell. The focus was on the UK's view of global issues for 2021 and beyond. 

  • FEEEDS attended the Global Reset Session on the African region focused on COVID impact & recovery; examining the state of Africa’s foreign relations; & key strategic issues such as debt relief, anti-discrimination, democratization & climate change. 

  • FE3DS attended Nigeria's presentation on its infrastructure needs in order to spur the country's economic recovery by the country's Central Bank Governor & Sovereign Investment Authority Director. Nigeria currently has a 17.3 percent inflation & 33.3 percent unemployment, according to the local reporting there.

        February 2021:

  • Dr. Sanders was invited to participate in joint session with new WTO-DG Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala & Julia Gillard former prime minister of Australia on their views on what is different for women in leadership and highlight their joint book “Women and Leadership: Real Lives, Real Lessons,” and talk about their ideas being stolen by male colleagues, their treatment in the media, and what they wish they had done differently in their professional lives, using current research as a starting point.

  • FEEEDS participated in CCA's annual key discussion on the economic outlook for Africa in 2021, led by Dr. Bartholomew Armah, Director, Macroeconomic and Governance Division, UN Africa Economic Commission & Dr. Albert Zeufack, Chief Africa Economist, World Bank. Focus areas included trade, investment, business trends, and post-COVID-19 economic recovery strategies.

  • FE3DS attended Africa's 2021 Economic Outlook session with senior global economists from the African Development Bank Group, Africa Finance Corporation, and Afrexim Bank. They highlighted their expert views on Africa's economic outlook in 2021 noting the challenges with trade, investment, and business trends, especially as countries implement post-COVID-19 economic recovery strategies.

  • AWS included both FEEEDS & FE3DS in its "Digitize Your Business to Win in 2021," highlighting how key and pervasive digitization is for the future. It is not peripheral to business. FEEEDS & FE3DS participated given that this issue is important to development & transformation of SMEs to have a greater impact and to help reinvent their businesses and have a "sustainable advantage" in these COVID times, including seeing "the power of digital technologies," as "a tailwind to reinvent the future of businesses."

  • Ambassador Sanders was invited to participate in the Council on Foreign Relations Africa Youth focused roundtable discussing how philanthropy can assist with job creation in Africa. Key examples from the Mastercard Foundation were highlighted.

  • FE3DS - participated in CCA's program with AfCTA Secretary-General (SG) H.E. Wamkele Mene, Secretary-General, who provided his expert views on Africa's 2021 economic outlook with AfCFTA trading as of January 2021. Mene highlighted what AfCFTA implementation will do for intra-African trade, U.S., and other global partners.

  • Dr. Sanders, given her research background, was invited to participate in sessions on the impact of climate change on Africa, in preparation for issues that groups want to ensure are covered in the upcoming COP26, particularly given that Africa accounts for only 4% of world's greenhouse gases.

  • Dr. Sanders attended session with new U.S. Federal Reserve Board Member, Lael Brainard, to hear her views on the challenges facing U.S. economic recovery.

  • As FEEEDS-CEO, Dr. Sanders served as a panelist in the prestigious Brookings Institute-Thunderbird School of Global Management's first & key Africa-focused session for 2021 on AfCTA, Business, 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), Financial Flows, and US/Russia-Africa Relations and Africa and COVID-19, moderated by Brookings' Fellow Landry Signé.

    January 2021:

  • As World Economic Forum begins in #Davos under the theme "Crucial Year to Rebuild Trust," FEEEDS participated in two climate-change related events on: "Catalyzing a New Future: From Small Islands to Great Ocean States", a session which focused on resetting & diversifying the economic system, leveraging the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), renewable energy, innovative financing and resilience mechanisms; and, one entitled “Bounce Back: Investing in Resilient Societies”, discussing issues surrounding world being woefully ill-prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, what can be done to prevent this in the future, and how to protect communities and markets from health, socioeconomic, and political shocks with a particular focus on the world’s most vulnerable populations living in low-income and conflict-affected contexts.

  • FEEEDS - invited to "Invest in Africa's" program entitled "Understanding the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCTA)", and what the expectations, hopes and fears of businesses and investors are and how can they be ready to make the most of this landmark opportunity with the Commissioner for the Trade & Industry of the African Union, H.E. Albert Muchanga

  • Dr. Sanders volunteered to write thank you letters to the officers who helped defend the Capitol Building and the people working there when it was attacked on Jan 6th, 2021 as part of her commitment to do several days of national and volunteer service, including giving-back activities, and assistance to at-risk communities and groups in 2021.

  • Nigeria's Channels TV’s "Diplomatic Segment" discusses the January 6th, 2021 turmoil and violence at the U.S. Capitol, inauguration, and global views on the U.S. and its future role as an advocate of democracy. Advance to minute 9 to see Ambassador Sanders’ interview: Diplomatic Channel | 18/01/2021 - YouTube 

  • FEEEDS/FE3DS, LLC was invited to attend the launch of inaugural roundtable of the women-led Africa Investment Roundtable (AIR), with feature speakers Arunma Oteh, Academic Scholar at Oxford; Toyin Sanni, Emerging Africa Capital Group; and Chinwe Egwim, Senior Economist at FBNQuest. AIR is a researched-based thought leadership platform providing an in-depth definition of the African investment landscape. 

  • FEEEDS/FE3DS, LLC - Participated in US Chamber "RallyForRecovery" event on 2021 US Business priorities. Highlights in our business areas were:

    a.) Trade Takeways: End trade/tariff wars; Make more US products, but note that 95% of world's customers live beyond our borders; Fairer trade relations from China, India, and Brazil

    b.) Global & Domestic Takeaways: Re-engage with @WTO, @WHO, & allies; Violence has no place in US democracy; Rebuild key areas such as  infrastructure, agriculture, digital, and jobs as US has "people with no jobs & jobs with no people."

    c.) Small Business Takeaway: 50 percent increase in starts-ups in 2020, more than there were in 2019 (assuming innovativeness & resilience as a result of hardships of the pandemic).

  • FEEEDS/FE3DS, LLC - invited to participate in Amazon’s 2021 Innovation & Methodology event for executives on how Amazon creates different lines of businesses such as Amazon Kindle, Alexa, and Prime as well as new business. Highlights included how technology fuels innovation, advancement, pace, and problem-solving.

  • Dr. Sanders participated in the 2021 African entrepreneur awardee and pitch session, held by the Africa Diaspora Network (ADN), for leading African entrepreneurs doing unique things in a variety of key development sectors. The entrepreneurial ecosystem is known for enabling innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment, but lags behind in investing in African led enterprises.  The event highlighted 11 African social entrepreneurs representing a variety of sectors ranging from education to healthcare to renewable energy and financial technology. The ADN event showcased the work of 11 "Builders of Africa’s Future" (BAF), who run entrepreneurial early-stage for-profit and nonprofit companies addressing Africa’s unique needs through technology or differentiated business models. 

  • Dr. Sanders was included in a discussion seminar led by the Council on Foreign Relations on the policy paths President-elect Biden can take to aid in the U.S. economic recovery amid the pandemic, and the political pressures his administration will face from political sides.

  • Ambassador Sanders signed on to a letter of 300 former United States Ambassadors in support of Secretary of State nominee Tony Blinken, and U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations nominee, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. See letter here: LETTER; Copy of the full letter and accompanying press release can be found reprinted on: Sanders Signs On To Letter of 300 Former U.S. Ambassadors in Support of Nominees Blinken and Thomas-Greenfield 

  • FE3DS, LLC: invited to attend the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s signature annual 2021 State of American Business event. The focus of the 2021 event will be on how the business community can and must rally a divided nation around the need for a widespread economic recovery, restoration of good governance, and rebuilding our economy for the future.


         December 2020: 

  • FEEEDS invited to attend High-Level Dialogue on Food Security on cross-cutting global country level issues to combat hunger and improve sustainable food systems, entitled FOOD+.
  • FEEEDS participated in the 2020 Human Rights Day celebration, entitled "Our Future We Build Together", which focuses on coming together to both celebrate and advance human rights and dignity for all.
  • FEEEDS participated in Foreign Policy's State of Food Security Summit, which focused on both the challenges and new uses of technology to address global food security issues. Summit was a key event given the recent UN Secretary-General Guieterrez's remarks that as a result of both conflict and COVID 235 million people will need humanitarian assistance as we enter 2021, up 40 percent from last year.

  • Ambassador Sanders attended a briefing on recent Africa policy and updates on efforts to address the current conflict in Ethiopia, impacting thousands of people, and driving many into Sudan as refugees or within Ethiopia as internally displaced persons (IDPs).

  • FE3DS was invited to participate in the African Union's (“AU”) AfCFTA Business Forum, which is the African Union’s premier multi-stakeholder platform for Heads of State and Government, private sector leaders, SMEs, civil society, and other stakeholders to explore how intra-Africa trade and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA) can develop the continent. This year the focus will be on what the start of trading could mean for Africa’s recovery from the impact of Covid-19; and what businesses need to do to successfully position themselves in this vast, new market.

  • Article by Dr. Robin R. Sanders "What the Nomination of Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield Means for U.S. Global Engagement & the U.S. Partnership with Africa", in Allafrica.com at this link: https://allafrica.com/stories/202012050337.html?aa_source=nwsltr-latest-en

  • FE3DS, LLC, as business member of the US-Africa Trade Advisory Committee invited to participate in extensive briefing on the details and current launching elements of the African Free Trade Agreement (AfCTA), which will go into effect January 1, 2021, combing an African Continent economy with the potential of reaching $3 trillion. AfCTA, with its 5 operation protocols/instruments, will initially start on January 1, 2020 with the 34 countries, which have ratified the agreement, but all 55 countries have signed. 

  • "ChannelsTV" of Nigeria interviewed Ambassador Sanders on Foreign Policy nominees of incoming U.S. Administration. Here is the link to the interview: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sXY7_cq9JvM 

  • FEEEDS -- as global board member of Human Rights Watch, participated in 2020's Human Rights Day Celebration entitled: "The Future We Build Together", a virtual global event underscoring the importance of all working together to make the world a better place, including defending the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves, honoring advocates, and applauding COVID-19 healthcare workers, volunteers and first responders.

  • Dr. Sanders was profiled in two publications for her philanthropic work: Robert Morris University's President Council for her contributions to the institution, scholarships and internships focus on at-risk students and The Smithsonian National Museum of African American Culture and History's (NMAAHC) for her support to the Harriet Tubman Legacy Society, one of the great historical women leaders. 

  • FE3DS participated in the launch of the 2020 Africa Trade Report--a key annual program by Afrexim Bank, which is the key Africa-focused financial institution assisting African businesses, institutions, and governments with additional financing tools.

  • FEEEDS attended the Council on Foreign Relations meeting focused on Kenya's perspective on "Building Bridges and the Lessons for Divided Societies."


         November 2020:

  • Dr. Sanders, as Board Mentor of London-based Criticaleye, participated in global discussions with other non-executive directors current ESG issues and how to engage, adapt, address, and fully integrate into any business or organization
  • Ambassador Sanders, in her role as CEO-FEEEDS, and her belief in ongoing educational enhancement, continued her knowledge management of Amazon Web Services (AWS), was invited to participate in AWS virtual series on its newest services. Similarly Adobe Creative also invited Sanders to its launch of its newest virtual platforms and products 
  • FEEEDS attended the Brazil-Africa 2020 Forum to highlight key south-south issues
  • As part of next steps on Sudan, post-economic sanction lifting, Dr. Sanders will be part of a small group initially advising on one of the country's large agricultural schemes as it seeks to do trade with U.S. states. Ambassador Sanders had served in Sudan during her diplomatic career.    
  • FEEEDS/FE3DS participated in the 2020 Concordia Africa Initiative focused on discussions among world-class innovators, political leaders, and civil society actors, examining both the most critical issues and biggest opportunities facing the African Continent.

  • Dr. Sanders signed a letter to the Administrator of the General Service Administration (GSA), along with 100+ other former USG military and government officials encouraging a smooth transition process, separate from the ongoing court processes. One can view the letter at the following link: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/20404626/national-security-gsa-letter.pdf, as well as review the coverage of the letter by the following media outlets at these links: Politico, CNN, WSJ, Newsweek, NBC News, both online and on air.

  • Ambassador Sanders was interviewed by two Nigerian media outlets on post-election results in the U.S. elections, and what Africa can expect going forward in its relationship with the United States. The interviews can be found at these links:  ChannelsTV  (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jYzzgbBqu4s) & ARISE TV (https://youtu.be/tlKCDYB_S4Q)

  • Dr. Sanders was invited to participate in the special launch event hosted by the Africa Export Import Bank (Afrexim) of its new Repository Platform called MANSA, named after the great Timbuktu Emperor Mansa Musa. The launch was moderated by CNN anchor Eleni Giokos, with key speakers Afrexim President Benedict O. Oramah; President, Eco Bank MD/Group Ade Ayeyemi, and others. The new MANSA financial platform will standardize the complexities, cost and lack of standardization associated with conducting due diligence in African markets. MANSA also will provide the single source of primary data needed to perform CDD/KYC checks on counterparties on the continent. Afrexim sees the data that MANSA will manage as Africa’s "New Gold", with contributors gaining access to diverse sources of funding and business opportunity, while also enhancing investor confidence. MANSA will be a symbiotic platform along with Afrexim's new Pan-Africa Payment System (PAPS), which will allow for transactions on the continent to be done in respective local currencies of the buyer and seller.


         October 2020:

  • FEEEDS participates in the Atlantic Councils' "Africa Investment Forum," with key USG Agencies (DFC, USEXIM), President of Senegal & UNECA UnderSec/Exec-SEC, et.al
  • The business arm of FEEEDS, FE3DS, LLC, participated in the Afrexim sponsored program to look at Africa's economic growth and ideological process with the session entitled "Africa and the Remaking of the New World Order".
  • Sanders participated in the African Diaspora Investment Symposium entitled "Amplify Innovation and Investment Hubs in Africa", looking at impact of innovative solutions for the Continent
  • FEEEDS involved in session on upcoming elections in Tanzania and Zanzibar including attendant democracy issues such as the overall examining of the human rights context, including prospects for election monitoring, and a look ahead on longer-term socio-economic implications for citizens. Tanzania's Oct 28 election outcome remains questionable.
  • Dr. Sanders attends brief by Atlantic Council and the US International Development Finance Corporation on the current US commercial engagement in Africa, spotlighting which African markets & US investment efforts are underway. The brief featured Senegal's President Macky Sall, USG investment agencies from Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM), the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), and Prosper Africa
  • Ambassador Sanders Keynotes Launch of New Africa Diaspora SME Trade & E-Commerce App "Kuueza", focused on US-Africa Diaspora Trade. Her keynote remarks highlighted the importance of both innovation and technology by small businesses (SMEs) in the Continent's economic development.
  • Dr. Sanders invited to participate in this year's Africa Bankers Program on "Sustainable ESG+Finance in Africa", with CEOs of the 3 major African Stock Markets: Joburg's JSE, Nigeria's NSE, and Kenya's, Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE). 
  • FEEEDS attends the African Union COVID response Forum with Africa-CDC Head Dr. Nkesonga, Afrexim Chief Oramah, and Strive Masiyiwa, one of Africa's philanthropist and leading businessmen.
  • Ambassador Sanders as an invitee to MIT's Solve programs attended its 2020 "MIT Solve 2020 Winners" session with Zoom's CIO Harry D. Mosely as keynote speaker.
  • As a special guest, Sanders will attend Operation Hope's, the nation's leading financial inclusion NGO, annual 3-day program. Key sessions for FEEEDS were remarks by US Treasury Secretary (Mnuchin) NFL Commissioner Goddell, & CEOS from Paypal (Schulman), Delta (Bastion), Walmart (McMillion) & San Francisco 49ers (York)
  • Dr. Sanders attended the 2020 IMF/World Bank Spring Virtual meetings, particularly its sessions on the future of uneven results to pulling economies out of COVID's impact

         September 2020

  • FEEEDS participated in key Session on "Economic Impacts of COVID on Africa", with UNDP Africa Chief Economist & Head of Strategy -- key 2020 takeaways: Africa's estimated export earnings loss is $500 billion; plus $4.2 billion in FDI left the Continent between February and April 2020.

  • Dr. Sanders, as CEO-FEEEDS, had meetings with West Africa Trade Hub on how FEEEDS as a partner & member of ACBC can assist trade/market linkages with Africa Diaspora SMES.

  • Amb. Sanders invited to participate in an Asia-Africa entrepreneurship conference and Global Human Rights event.

  • As a strong SDG advocate and member of the UN Global Compact, FEEEDS participated in the "SDG Global Business Form", on the margins of the 2020 virtual UN meetings. Meetings fell under the theme "Decade to Deliver SDGs", seeking to leverage focus on SDGs as part of the COVID response. 

  • As part of FEEEDS' work and skill set on import of technology/digitization for Africa, it was invited to key meetings on the diaspora, connectivity, investment, and finance for the region and on a discussion on the two African candidates for the new WTO Sec-Gen organized PAFTRAC (Pan-African Private Sector Trade & Investment Committee).

  • Participated in Global Climate Change Discussions on Climate Justice led by DEVEX

        August 2020

  • Participated in briefing on situation in Mali, post-coup
  •  Debriefed on Beirut's current bombing disaster, political & human rights environment
  • As member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Africa Diaspora Governance Group (ADGG), participated in session on the role of the Diaspora in impacting Democracy
  • Invited to participate in Chatham House Briefing from WTO Sec-Gen Candidate Amina Mohammed on why she would be best new WTO Sec-Gen
  • US-Kenya Trade Talks de-brief
  • Dr. Sanders moderates Africa Trade & Business Roundtable with United States Trade Representative, Ambassador Robert Lighthizer and Congressman Evans of Philadelphia. Roundtable also included other Congressional Representative from the Ways and Means Committee
  • Sanders' announced as new Board Mentor for London-based Criticaleye https://www.criticaleye.com/community-profile.cfm?id=448779

  • Dr. Sanders invited to participate in Aspen Security Forum 3-day National Security Conference to hear briefs on range of global issues from key speakers (WHO Director Dr. Tedros, Larry Summers, China Ambassador to U.S. Cui Tianka, Mayors of Atlanta (Keisha Lance Bottoms) and Miami (Francis Suarez), former NSA of India, Singapore Foreign Minister, & PM of Australia, etc.)

  • CEO-FEEEDS joins ACBC of Greater Philadelphia in Congressman Evan's Africa Trade & Business Roundtable

  • CEO-FEEEDS joins Chatham House meeting with World Trade Organization Director General candidate Amina Mohamed of Kenya

         July 2020

  • Chatham House, London. Briefing from the prospective candidate to be the next World Trade Organization (WTO), Secretary-General, Dr. Okonjo-Iwela
  • Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) meeting on "Blended Financing for Africa."
  • Aspen Security Forum briefing on US-China Relationship
  • UN Global Compact session on examining the impact of COVID-19 on the SDGs
  • HRW Global event on the future of the world, "The Future We Build Together."
  • FEEEDS wishes to both recognize and congratulate Gallup for its 100-Year Commitment to Listen to Black American Voices, which it announced on July 16, 2020. This commitment is part and parcel of Gallup's new Center on Black Voices. See link for more on this research initiative and the new center's mission. https://blogitrrs.blogspot.com/2020/07/gallup-announces-100-year-commitment-to.html

    As reported on Gallup's site, "This research initiative will be devoted to studying and highlighting the experiences of more than 40 million Black Americans: tracking and reporting on progress on life outcomes and a life well-lived."

    See the links on the new Center on Black Voices and read about its Mission

  • Amb. Sanders-GALLUP World Poll Hold "The 7th Annual FEEEDS-GALLUP Africa Forum." This year's keynote speaker is Constance Hamilton, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa speaking on "Today’s US-Africa Trade Relationship," (AfCTA, Kenya Trade, AGOA, & Role of Small Business." See flyer on http://blogitrrs.blogspot.com/2020/07/amb-sanders-gallup-invite-constance.html and event announcement at https://allafrica.com/stories/202007150002.html)

        June 2020

  • Sanders Featured Speaker in June 25, 2020 Event on COVID-19 Impact on Africa Small Businesses (SMEs/MMEs). To register for the June 25, 2020 event at 10 a.m. (EST) and 5 p.m. East Africa Time (EAT) click here: Register via Zoom: https://bit.ly/3hR0o0L
  • See Ambassador Sanders' article on the impact of COVID-19 on Africa's small businesses (aka SMEs) and FEEEDS' recommendation on what can be done now and beyond under its "Africa SSP," to help them reimagine, survive and thrive (click here for Sanders’ Blog & Allafrica.com published article, article also appears on the Council on Foreign Relations).
  • Ambassador Sanders, along with project partners International Development Institute, will host an international virtual session on reimaging and refocusing financial resources for Africa small businesses (Africa SMEs) as a result of COVID and how the AfCTA can help.
  • FEEEDS participates discussions with Kenyan President Kenyatta on what his country has done and is doing to weather the health crisis and economic impact of COVID-19.
  • Ambassador Sanders' signs on to letter with 566+ former U.S. Ambassadors and U.S. Military Generals against the use of U.S. military force against civilians -- " the posse comitatus rule." See letter: https://www.justsecurity.org/70608/the-strength-of-americas-apolitical-military/
  • FEEEDS included in session with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S. Nat'l Institute of Allergies & Infectious Diseases, on where the US is now with COVID; impact of easing lockdowns; and the high potential for second wave.
  • Congratulations to the Philadelphia-based "Africa Business Roundtable," celebrating the annual Odunde Festival, which this year focused on the larger Africa Diaspora, working together & supporting each other not just during COVID, but beyond. Key speaker was the Ambassador of Ghana, who spoke passionately about the Diaspora as one. Dr. Sanders was honored to be invited to attend.
  • Sanders participates in virtual session with President of the Afrexim Bank, Dr. Benedict Oramah on the bank's USD$3 billion financial initiatives to assist African governments and private sector with COVID-19 impact.
  • AfCTA new Sec-General Mene underscores key role of trade agreement in Africa's post-COVID recovery in virtual session attended by Dr. Sanders.
  • Sanders invited to participate in two live sessions with Oprah on resilience during the time of COVID.
  • As an invitee by London-based CriticalEye, key global business and board leaders discuss Globalization, Supply Chain and De-Globalization Planning for COVID-19 & Post-COVID eras.
  • FEEEDS is participating in the London-based Criticaleye event on the Board’s Role in Planning for Recovery

        May 2020

  • Sanders participated in the Annual 2020 Brand Africa 100 Virtual Conference, which provides data-driven analysis on which top 100 brands Africa sees as most trustworthy, admired, recognized & preferred. Dangote kept its position as the top African-owned brand; with Coca-Cola & Nike being the top non-African, and China's Techno now selling the most mobile phones on the Continent.
  • Amb. Sanders virtually attend two conferences by London-based Criticaleye which did a deep-dive on global supply chain issues, COVID and post-COVID on both lesson learn, and need to re-imagine; and Criticaleye's Global Retreat on the theme of CEOs and role of leadership in navigating uncertain times.
  • Key Africa-COVID economic data point from non-attributable/Chatham House Rules Brief, Dr. Sanders was invited to participate: Continent needs $10b in direct health assistance (equipment, treatment & personnel) to address current crisis, only received $5b thus far. Africa COVID numbers as of end May 100,000+
  • World Food Program Director told virtual mtg food security advocacy groups, of which FEEEDS, represented by Dr. Sanders is one, that the combination of locust infestation in East Africa, and COVID's impact on breaking down global food supply chain are adding to nearly doubling the current figure of 30 million food insecure in Africa Region
  • Sanders participated in session with America's top Africa Diplomat, Assistant Secretary Nagey, who briefed on the current USG response and assistance to Africa during the COVID challenge
  • As FE3DS, LLC CEO, Dr. Sanders, who has worked on Nigerian aviation security for many years, attended the virtual Nigeria Aviation Sector meetings focused on airline services in the age of COVID.
  • FEEEDS steps and provides donations on Global #Giving Tuesday to organizations helping the fight against COVID, with special focus on frontline workers, with donation to one of the ER/ICU at Harlem Hospital. See https://blogitrrs.blogspot.com/2020/05/covid-global-giving-tuesday-feeeds-steps.html
  • Dr. Sanders invited to participate in CFA/Johns Hopkins Africa Center, Africa CDC, & Africa Stakeholders Session
  • Amb. Sanders participates in Corporate Council on Africa's virtual meeting on USG's Africa Response/Support on COVID-19, with USAID Africa Director Runyan
  • Conference Dialogue w/Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa Constance Hamilton on U.S.-Africa Trade
  • As an initiative focused on Africa Diaspora, FEEEDS was invited to participate in CFA-Johns Hopkins Africa Stakeholders dialogue with Africa CDC Director Dr. Nkengasong


         April 2020

  • Dr. Sanders participated in virtual Harvard - organized meeting w/Ghanaian President Akufo-Addo, Nigerian Vice President Osinbajo, hosted by global business leader - Harvard visiting Professor Belo Osaige & Africa.com CEO Clarke on enumerating effective Africa COVID practices (i.e. different for Africa's informal sector/communities that can't social distance); unique role/impact/use of IT in tracing, & need to rethink donor funding, i.e. Africa debt cancellation.
  • FEEEDS - CEO Sanders attends virtual briefings by the United States Agency for Development (USAID) to inform stakeholders on USG COVID assistance to African nations & World Bank COVID - specific financial packages & initiatives specifically targeted to help African Central Banks and Finance Ministers.
  • Department of Religious & Cultural Studies, University, Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Nigeria uses Dr. Sanders' book "Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria," as its text book for this semester's course African States and Societies.
    -- Dr. Sanders participates in separate virtual meetings on COVID-19 impact on Africa and efforts to address/combat it with the Director of Africa CDC and with the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Dr. Vera Songwe
    -- As member of Human Rights Advisory Board on US issues, Sanders participated in virtual discussion on COVID-19 continued impact on vulnerable workers and at-risk minority populations
    -- Ambassador Sanders book "The Rise of Africa's Small and Medium Size Businesses," is under consideration as the text book for the business course at Catholic University
  • -- As COVID continues to rise in Africa, Dr. Sanders participated in key virtual meetings with President of African Development Bank and Africa Export-Import Bank's Global Head Client Relations on f newly-created funds and initiatives to assist with the COVID impact on the Region's economies, particularly trade and the private sector
  • December 2017 - Johannesburg, South Africa - Book Event: "The Rise of Africa's Small and Medium Size Enterprises" Spurring Development & Growing the Middle Class."
  • November 2017 - Lagos, Nigeria - Book Event: "The Rise of Africa's Small and Medium Size Enterprises" Spurring Development & Growing the Middle Class."
  • November 2017 - Nigeria Trade Council, Atlanta-US-Africa Relationship
  • November 2017 - World Affairs Council - Author's Series - Book Event: "The Rise fo Africa's Small and Medium Size Enterprises" Spurring Development & Growing the Middle Class."
  • October 2017 - DACOR Beacon House Critical Issues Forum - Impact of Africa's Small & Medium Size Enterprises on Development
  • September 2017- Lecture, Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh - Impact and Importance of Entrepreneurship for America's Youth -  Why Africa SMEs are a Good Case Study
  • September 2017 - American University Summer Workshop Students - US-Africa Relations
  • Dr. Sanders will travel to international human rights conference, May 2017
  • Sanders will receive award for SME Advocacy from the Minority Enterpreneur Association, May 2017
  • Sanders will attend the World Bank & IMF Spring Meeting, April 2017
  • Sanders launches new book on Africa SMEs Atlanta & Washington, April 2017
  • Dr. Sanders will do a TED Talk on Role of Small and Medium Size Enterprises - Atlanta, April 2017
  • Sanders receives Int'l Women's Day Advocacy Award from IamWanda, March 2017
  • Dr. Sanders will be a visiting scholar at Duquesne University, March 2017
  • Dr. Sanders will do a TED Talk on Importance of Cultural Signs and Symbols - Richmond, February 2017
  • Sanders travels to London for human rights conference, Jan 2017
  • Ambassador Discusses Africa Policy Now and For the New Administration on Voice of America, November 30, 2016
  • Ambassador Sanders -panelist on future US-Africa policy for the next US Administration at George Washington University Elliot Center, October 24, 2016
  • Dr. Sanders - keynote at Yale University's International Women's Leaders Conference, October 2016
  • Sanders - week's residence at Lindenwood University as a visiting scholar, October, 2016
  • As CEO-FEEEDS, Dr. Sanders - World Bank's NGO Forum on Entrepreneurship, October 2016
  • As Distinguished Public Service Scholar at Robert Morris University (RMU), Dr. Sanders - RMU's global approach as a 21st Century University as part of inauguration of RMU's new President. October 2016.
  • Sanders  - Human Rights meeting, October 2016
  • Ambassador Sanders - delegate to Climate Action Summit and Sustainable Investment Session at the United Nations, September 2016
  • FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative co-host event with Gallup World Poll & Allafrica.com on key role of "Africa Diaspora SMEs," Gallup Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Sanders - appeared on CNBC "Power Lunch", midday show on recent Niger Delta conflicts, June 2016
  • Ambassador Sanders - Global Summit on Human Rights Issues - Human Rights Watch, Berlin, Germany; will visit Syria Refugee Shelter - June 2016
  • Dr. Sanders - Speaks on Cyber Security & Global Trends - Robert Morris University Washington Week at the Washinton Center, forensic security students, May 2016
  • Ambassador Sanders - at the Clinton Policy Institute, Hope Arkansas on Development Issues as National Security Issues, May 2016
  • Lecturer & Keynote Speaker, Linden wood College, Missouri, October 2016
  • AGOA Ministerial, Member of USTR Africa Advisory Committee, August 2016
  • Jakarta, Indonesia, International Visitor Mission, April 2016
  • St. Petersburg, Russia, International Visitor Mission, April 2016
  • Human Rights Advocacy Trip, Indonesia, April 2016
  • Fact-finding Mission, Russia, April 2016
  • Ambassador Sanders briefs Congresswonam Karen Bass on Africa Trade, Investment & Diaspora SME Issues on the Hill as part of a CFA Delegation, March 2016
  • Keynote Speaker Medgar Evers, International Women's Day Conference, March 2016
  • Ambassador Sanders - receives "Diplomatic Leader Award" from Sister Cities International, March 2016
  • Book Signing, International Women's Day Event, Willard Hotel, Washington DC, March 2016
  • Amb. Sanders - Int'l African NGO panel pre-UN SDG's by Nigeria & Kenya - Sept 2015
  • Amb. Sanders - UN mtgs Sept 2015: - General Assembly, US Chamber Africa Initiative , Dinner for Nigerian Pres. Buhari,                           - Nigerian Higher Education Event Recognizing former INEC Chair Prof. Jega                                                                                              - Presenting on Africa Security - Nigeria FACE event
  • Ambassador Sanders - UN-related session in NYC on Social Accountability for Poverty Reduction, September 2015
  • Dr. Sanders - opening speaker and panelist at UN-related session on Combating Persistent Threats to Africa Peace & Security
  • Ambassador Sanders Lectures on US-Africa Policy Issues for West Africa at Foreign Service Institute Session for USG diplomats and civil servants working on African issues.
  • Fact-finding Mission to Congo Brazzaville and UNDP speaker in Central African Republic, June 2015
  • Keynote Speaker "Key Development Areas for Nigeria," June 2015
  • Speaker on Nigeria in Transition Panel, Brookings Institute, June 2015
  • Human Rights Watch Global Summit, Chicago, June 2015
  • Keynote Speaker "Deepening Nigeria's Democracy," May 2015
  • Dr. Sanders Travels to Havana Cuba for Volunteer Work with NGO groups & farmers, April 2015
  • Ambassador Sanders Keynote Speaker at Gwinnett College, Lawrenceville, Georgia, April 2015
  • Ambassador Sanders Speaking at World Affairs Council on Nigerian Elections, April 2015
  • CEO-FEEEDS Launching the @FEEEDS® Index, At Gallup Headquarters, Washington, DC, April 2015
  • Ambassador Sanders participated as Election Observer, Nigerian 2015 Elections, March 2015
  • March 2015 - World Affairs Council Book Event, March 2015 at University of Califormia, Washington Center, followed by national broadcast of event on World Affiars TODAY, Sunday, March 22 at 9am on MHz Worldview
  • June - Keynote Speaker, Nigerian Diaspora Conference, Washington, DC
  • June - Chicago, Human Rights Watch
  • May 2015 - Keynote Speaker, Nigerian Diaspora Conference, Houston, Texas
  • Visiting Scholar - Georgia Gwinnet College, April 2015
  • April 2015 - Tunis, Human Rights Watch
  • March 2015 - Lecturer and Keynote Speech, Civil Rights & The Global Context, Gwinett University, Georgia
  • Analyst, Nigerian Elections - Channels TV, Nigeria, February 2015
  • Guest on Next Word TV, February 2015
  • FEEEDS - White House Black History Month Program, February 2015
  • USTR - Economic Community of East Africa Meeting, February 2015
  • February 2015 - American University, Washington, DC, Keynote speaker & Uli Book Event
  • February 2015 - Uli Book Launch, Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, a Black History Month Featured Event
  • Dr. Sanders on VOA, Nigeria's Upcoming Presidential Election, February 4, 2015
  • Ambassador Sanders on CCTV (China-TV) February 4, The Heat, Roundup on Africa: Boko Haram, AU election of Mugabe, February 2, 2015
  • Smithsonian National Museum of Africa Art host Ambassador Sanders for event on her book - "Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria", Washington, DC, during Black History Month, February 10, 2015. NMAA Director Dr. Johnnetta Cole will do a conversation segment with with Dr. Sanders during the event.
  • Dr. Sanders on CNN International on recent attacks in Baga, Northeastern Nigeria by Boko Haram, Atlanta, January, 2015
  • Dr. Sanders speaking on Financial Inclusion at Operation Hope Global Summit, Atlanta, January, 2015
  • Commissioning of Nigeria Affordable Housing Project, Abuja, January 2015
  • Ambassador Sanders speaks on Key Role of Mobile Banking at Operation Hope Global Summit, Atlanta, January 2015
  • Newseum Event, December 15, 2014
  • Nigeria Book Launch, "The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria" December 4, 2014
  • Visit to Privatization Power Center, Abuja, Nigeria, December 2, 2014
  • Affordable Housing Conference, Abuja, Nigeria, December 1 - 2, 2014
  • Nigeria Stakeholder Mtg on Housing, December 2014
  • Nigeria Book Launch, The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria, December 2014
  • Al Jazeera America "Consider This" Show, November 2014
  • Advocacy on AGOS, US Congress, November 2014
  • Congressional Meeting on post US-Africa Summit issues, November 17, 2014
  • Operation HOPE, HOPE Center Program on Dr. Sanders' Book - Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria, November 14, 2014
  • CNN Interview of Dr. Sanders Book - Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria, CNN Headquarters, Atlanta, November 12, 2014
  • Atlanta Book Launch of Dr. Sanders' Book - Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria - Hosted by Georgia Council of International Visitors, November 12, 2014
  • Attending 50th Gala Event at Smithsonian African Art Museum in honor of The Cosby's and Nigerian Artist Bruce Onabrokpeya, November 7, 2014
  • White House Big Table Event, November 6, 2014
  • Visiting Scholar under Woodrow Wilson Program, Gannon University, Erie, PA October 26-31, 2014 www.magazine.gannon.edu
  • Human Rights Watch Session, New York October 14-18, 2014
  • Speaker - Songhai Model - Climate Smart Food Security, World Bank Annual Mtgs October 10, 2014
  • U.S. Trade Representative Session October 9, 2014
  • Speaker on Financial Inclusion at World Bank Annual Mtgs October 9, 2014
  • Roundtable with Valerie Jarrett, Washington, DC October 8, 2014
  • Human Rights Watch, October 2014
  • World Bank Civil Society Session on Presenter on Climate Smart African Agriculture: Songhai Model, October 2014
  • Dr. Sanders will be the Visiting Scholar under the Center for Independent Colleges Fellows Program at Gannon University, Erie, PA, October 2014
  • FEEEDS-CEO co-host World Bank CSO session with Operation HOPE, October 2014
  • Robert Morris University Innovative Awards event, September 2014
  • Ambassador Sanders at Center for Strategic Studies private session on Upcoming Nigerian Elections, September 2014
  • Dr. Sanders discusses Sustainable Development at National Public Administration Event, September 2014
  • Ambassador Sanders keynote speaker at StartupAfrica Conference- Deleware, September 2014
  • FEEEDS-CEO attends UNGA events on Food Security, Africa Investor at New York Stock Exchange, Official Panel presenter at Congressional Black Caucus Braintrust event, Council on Foreign Relations, with Tunisia President, Africa Center Event, September 2014
  • US-Africa Summit FEEEDS-CEO participates in official events on Food Security/Resilience, First Lady Michelle Obama and Mrs Bush Event, AGOA Ministerial, CSO Forum, ECOWAS signing, U.S. Congress event, and side events at National Museum of African Art, White House Briefing on Summit, Meetings with Republic of Congo President, Press Dinner with Nigerian President, August 2014
  • Allafrica.com releases FEEEDS co-drafted White Paper on Key US-Africa Summit Issues, July 2014
  • Dr. Sanders to attend several official US-Africa Summit events including event on Africa's Food Security, AGOA Ministerial, Africa Equity Investment Session, CSO Forum, Power Africa Panel, Several luncheons, receptions and dinners for several African Presidents, Smithsonian African Leading Women's event. US-Africa Summit is August 4-6, 2014
  • CEO-FEEEDS opening, along with others, AGOA CSO Network Conference, August 2014 
  • Amb. Sanders on AJA - Wither Chibook Girls 100 Days Later, July 2014
  • Amb. Sanders on ARISE TV Discusses Upcoming US-Africa Leaders Summit, July 2014
  • Amb. Sanders, CEO-FEEEDS co-host first pre-US-Africa Summit Forum with Gallup Poll, Allafrica.com, and Africa Society at Gallup Headquarters, July 2014
  • Dr. Sanders on DAI's Africa Development Forum, July 2014
  • Amb. Sanders co-host Africa Forum on Upcoming US-Africa Leaders' Summit, July 2014
  • Amb. Sanders moderate Cong. Bass Breakfast TownHall on Boko Haram, July 2014
  • Dr. Sanders attending ACSS on Africa's Security ahead of the US-Africa Summit, July 2014
  • Dr. Sanders to address African Ambassador on Trade & Investment at Philadelphia's Enterprise Center, June 2014
  • Importance of Regional Integration Remarks @ US-Africa Trade Conference, May 2014, Miami
  • Sanders on Bloomberg News May 9, 12:30 pm Abuja Time
  • Ambassador Sanders on Diane Rehm Show on Nigerian Abducted Girls, May 8, 2014
  • World Economic Forum Africa Region, Abuja, Nigeria, May 2014
  • World Bank Spring Meetings Civil Society Workshop on Addressing Global Policy, "The Role of Agile Technologies & Financial Literacy in Ending Poverty", April 2014.
  • University of Michigan - STEM Conference "Agile Manufacturing, Design, Innovation for Africa: The Songhai Model, April 2014.
  • National Defense University, "The Role of Africa's Youth Bulge in Economic Development," March 2014.
  • State Department International Visitor Leader Program - Africa Region - "African Urbanization and Development Issues", March 2014.
  •  Robert Morris University - Lecture on Human Cultural Communication, March  2014.
  •  National Endowment for Democracy - Role of African Legislatures, March 2014.
  • National Defense University - Importance of African youth Bulge, March 2014.
  • Book Release, Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria, May 2014.
  •  Operation Hope - Inside Hope event, January 2014.
  • Human Rights Watch Burma Trip, January-February 2014.
  • Brookings Insitute Africa Program - Review of Africa 2013, January 2014.
  • Fund Raiser for Congresswoman Bass, January 2014.
  • U.S. Trade Representative US-EU Stakeholders Session, December 2013.
  • World AIDS Event at Woodrow Wilson Center, December 2013.
  • Library of Congress event for Linda Thoms-Greenfield, December 2013.
  • SME Acess to Financing, Lagos, Nigeria, November 2013.
  • Hope Financial Summit, Atlanta, November 2013.
  • World Bank, Presentation on Models for Financial Inclusion in the Developing World, Civil Society Panel, Operation Hope, October 2013. 
  • African Center for Strategic Studies, National Defense University, October 2013.
  • Woodbury Speaking Event, Connecticut - Global Landscape, October 2013.
  •  New York Stock Exchange Visit with Nigerian President & Delegation, September 2013.
  • Africa Leadership Magazine, New York, September 2013.
  •  Great Black Speakers Featured Speaker, September 2013


Click Link to See Sanders 2015-2010 Keynotes & Speeches



Example of Sanders' Keynote Speeches & Lectures

University of Michigan - STEM Conference - April 2014: "Agile Technologies - Advancement in Africa Addressing Development Needs"

World Bank Spring Meetings Civil Society Workshop on Addressing Global Policy - April 2014: "The Role of Agile Technologies &Financial Literacy in Ending Poverty"

State Department International Visitor Leader Program - African Region - March 2014: "African Urbanization and Development Issues"

Robert Morris University - Human Cultural Communication - March 2014

Civic Center, Lagos Nigeria - SME Development - November 2013

African Center for Strategic Studies, National Defense University, Washington, D.C. – July 2013: Security Sector Reform: Case Study of Today’s Nigeria

National Defense College, Nigeria – June 2013: Importance of Human Cultural Communication & Strategic Communications in Warfare

Africa Leadership Magazine Conference, Houston, Texas – May 2013: Africa’s Energy Needs: The Role of SME’s

ANNID Conference, Houston – May 2013: The Role of the African Diaspora in Development

Furman University – April 2013: The Positives & Challenges, Africa-China

Furman University - April 2013: The Elements of Leadership

American University, Washington, D.C. – April 2013: Nigeria 2011 & What’s Ahead for 2015?

Westminster College (Fulton, Missouri, March 2013), Furman University – Riley International Institute (Greenville, SC, April 2013), - The New Developing World Agricultural & Environment Model: The Songhai Experience

Westminster College – March 2013: The New Global Landscape & Your Role In It

Robert Morris University – February 2013: Information Systems – Seeing Culture as an Information System; Importance of Human Cultural Knowledge

National Defense University Washington, DC – January 2013: Africa Youth Bulge: What it means for the Future; The Africa-China Relationship

All Nigerian in the Diaspora (ANNID, Los Angeles) – November 2012: Next Steps for Nigeria

University of South Florida, Tampa – November 2012: Northern Nigeria & Mali Security Issues

National Defense College of Nigeria – November 2012: US 2012 Elections: Implications & Lessons for Africa

National Defense University Washington, DC – November 2012: Northern Nigerian Security Issues

Robert Morris University – October 2012: The New Developing World Agricultural & Environment Model: The Songhai Experience

Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh) – September 2012: Leadership, US Role in Global Community

Foundation for Skills Development Women’s SME Conference, Nigeria – July 2012: Role of Women in Development & Importance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises

California State University, Sacramento – April 2012: Africa Policy & the Continent’s Future

National Public Radio, Sacramento – April 2012: Importance of Economic Development

Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh) – September 2012: Leadership, US Role in Global Community

Foundation for Skills Development Women’s SME Conference, Nigeria – July 2012: Role of Women in Development & Importance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises

California State University, Sacramento – April 2012: Africa Policy & the Continent’s Future

National Public Radio, Sacramento – April 2012: Importance of Economic Development

Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh) – September 2012: Leadership, US Role in Global Community

Foundation for Skills Development Women’s SME Conference, Nigeria – July 2012: Role of Women in Development & Importance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises

California State University, Sacramento – April 2012: Africa Policy & the Continent’s Future

National Public Radio, Sacramento – April 2012: Importance of Economic Development

Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh) – September 2012: Leadership, US Role in Global Community

Foundation for Skills Development Women’s SME Conference, Nigeria – July 2012: Role of Women in Development & Importance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises

California State University, Sacramento – April 2012: Africa Policy & the Continent’s Future

National Public Radio, Sacramento – April 2012: Importance of Economic Development

Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh) – September 2012: Leadership, US Role in Global Community

Foundation for Skills Development Women’s SME Conference, Nigeria – July 2012: Role of Women in Development & Importance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises

California State University, Sacramento – April 2012: Africa Policy & the Continent’s Future

National Public Radio, Sacramento – April 2012: Importance of Economic Development

Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh) – September 2012: Leadership, US Role in Global Community

Foundation for Skills Development Women’s SME Conference, Nigeria – July 2012: Role of Women in Development & Importance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises

California State University, Sacramento – April 2012: Africa Policy & the Continent’s Future

National Public Radio, Sacramento – April 2012: Importance of Economic Development

Noted Lecturer & Conference Presentations:

As an inductee of the prestigious Academy of Diplomacy, Ambassador Sanders was honred for "having served the President and People of the United States with Distinction in the Practice of Diplomacy." The Academy is composed of persons who have had distinguished careers in diplomacy or have made notable contributions to American foreign policy in other ways.

American University, Washington D.C. - April 2013: Nigeria's 2015 elections

Woodrow Wilson Center Africa Program – Washington, D.C. – April 2013: Women in Technology

National Defense University College of International Security Affairs (CISA) Washington, D.C. – January 2013:  The Positives of the Africa Youth Bulge & Role of Demographics in Strategic Thinking

Bank of Industry, Lagos, Nigeria – November 2012: Importance of SME and PPP’s for the Developing World

Operation Hope, Atlanta – November 2012: Mobile Money:  The Developing World is Ahead

Bank of Industry, London – August 2012: Global Food Security, The New Model

National Defense University College of International Security Affairs (CISA), Washington, D.C. – November 2012: Boko Horam Emergence & Northern Nigeria Security Issues

Export-Import Bank of the United States – Washington, D.C. – April 2012: Nigeria’s Agricultural Sector: What the Future Can Look Like?

See: http://www.blogitrrs.blogspot.com/p/speeches.html for earlier keynotes, lectures, and conference presentations