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Dr. Sanders Book Release - May 2014 - The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria. Click on Book Tab above or link below for more information: http://www.ambassadorsanders-uliwomen.com


1.) Blog articles:

African Legislatures in African Democracies: The Need to be More Transformative & Transactional


2.) Press Releases:

FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative & Operation HOPE Co-Host Key 2014 World Bank Civil Society Forum on New Technologies & Financial Literacy Tools for Global At-Risk Communities

Ambassador Sanders, CEO FEEEDS Receives Advocacy Impact Award from African Leadership Magazine


3.) Media Interviews:

FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative & Operation HOPE Co-Host Key 2014 World Bank Civil Society Forum on New Technologies & Financial Literacy Tools for Global At-Risk Communities

FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative & Operation HOPE Co-Host Key 2014 World Bank Civil Society Forum

Dr. Sanders Discusses Conflict on CAR on VOA


Sanders on AlJazeera panel of Central African Republic


4.) Nigeria News:

Lagos Media coverage of FEEEDS/Sanders on SME development:

Sanders's interview with Nigeria's Business Day - on Nigeria's Economic Development http://businessdayonline.com/2013/11/nigeria-is-in-a-fairly-good-position-on-economic-growth/

YouTube Video: Bank of Industry Empowers Entrepreneurs - Nov 6, 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnsLOfLN368

Business Day: BOI, Western Union, others foster financial growth for SMEs - Nov 7, 2013 http://businessdayonline.com/2013/11/boi-western-union-others-foster-financial-growth-for-smes/


The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria

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Click on media page tab above for older clips on: AlJazeera, VOA, etc

 5.) Biography on wiki: http://en.wikipedi.org/wiki/Robin_R._Sanders


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The Advocacy Initiative called FEEEDS and the Business Strategies of FE3DS (FE-3-DS) 

FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative:

What does FEEEDS® or the FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative mean? FEEEDS is an acronym that encompasses some of the main global issues of today-- Food Security, Education, Environment-Energy, Economics, Democracy-Development and Self-help -- that both developed and developing countries are grappling with in order to address and resolve the challenges for the world community.

All of these issues are also connected to human cultural communication and how we relate as people and as nations to each other. FEEEDS represents the first letter of each word or word-phrase noted above.

FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative provides lectures, instruction, and training on FEEEDS issues and other global topics. Under the FEEEDS Initiative Dr. Sanders is a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Scholar for the Center for Independent Colleges and Universities and at the Nigerian Defense College.

FE3DS, LLC Advising Firm:

FE3DS®, LLC advises businesses, foundations, NGOS, and governments on business strategies primarily for Sub-Saharan Africa.

The focus of FE3DS Advising is on business sectors associated with and linked to the pillars of the FEEEDS Initiative as described below since these are the areas needing the most business development in the Africa Region and other regions of the global community. 

Current business solutions are focused in the areas of agriculture, aviation, education through emerging market ICT solutions, financial solutions for small and medium size enterprises, affordable housing development, and manfufacturing

The Elements of the FEEEDS Acronym:


Food Security, Education, Environment-Energy, Economics, Development-Democracy, Self Help


  •  Food Security - meaning availability and access to not just food but nutritional food;
  • Education - representing the entire range of education from knowledge learning to knowledge management to knowledge usage, which also includes training, retraining , entrepreneurship, and formal education;
  • Environment-Energy - enabling environments for communities to thrive, as well as a focus and realization of the importance of renewable energy and alternative energy resources;
  • Economics - enhancing living wages, and on the macro level, ensuring governments, and community leaderships manage budgets and tax payer dollars not only effectively, but efficiently in order to address social service needs;
  • Democracy-Development - linking these two symbiotic issues are key to improving life-quality, especially for people of color; and,
  • Self-Help - realizing that identity for anyone provides self-esteem, but for nations and people of color this also represents both power and empowerment.

The Africa Post - The Blog for FEEEDS

The FEEEDS blog is called The Africa Post (TAP):

www.blogitrrs.blogspot.com (see blog page tab above for latest postings)


The Africa Post dialogues, discusses, & advocates on the FEEEDS®  issues of Food Security, Education, Environment-Energy,  Economics,Development-Democracy & Self-help.

FEEEDS also blogs on the Huffington Post: http://huffingtonpost.com/amb-robin-renee-sanders/



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