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CEO Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders


In Pursuit of Change....For Africa's Economic and Business Development

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                                                                               photo from Vanguard Newspaper-Nigiera

I. Speaker Engagement Topics for FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative:

Keynote Themes:


  • The US-Africa Relationship - Why it is Important
  • Sub Saharan Africa's "Sahel Extremism Belt:" Where is it & What It Means for US National Security?
  • Entrepreneurship, The Diaspora & Technology: Keys to Africa's Development & Middle Class


  • Global Sustainable Development Goals: What they Mean for Women, Youth & Africa
  • The New Global Landscape & Our Role As Global Leaders
  • Defining Civil Rights in the Global Context   

University classes or workshop lectures:

Dr. Sanders can address the following issues in lecture classes:  

  • Africa's Political, Economic & Environment (Climate Change) Today
  • Africa - Poverty Alleviation: Food Security, Education, Environment & SDG's
  • Africa: Democracy, Human Rights, National Security, Africa Youth Bulge
  • Country-specific issues: Nigeria, Congo, Sudan, & other African Countries
  • Human Cultural Communication/Cultural Intelligence
  • Communication Expressions: Sign, Symbols & Language
  • Africa: Security, Conflict Reslution & Rise of Extremism
  • Importance of Soft Power (public diplomacy)
  • Role of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) in Development
  • Financial Literacy/Financial Inclusion
  • Importance of Being a Generalist in Today's Global Environment

II. FE3DS, LLC - Africa Business Areas: 

  • Aviation Security
  • Housing (Affordable) & SME manufacturing
  • Cashless platforms & Financial Services
  • ICT, mobile platforms & new technologies
  • SME & Diaspora Businesses
  • Media (Africa-focused)
  • Power/Energy Sector (Africa: generation & distribution)
  • SME & Entrepreneurship Development (Africa)
  • Vocational, Youth & Leadership Training (Africa)


FEEEDS®= means Food Security, Education, Environment-Energy, Economics, Development-Democracy, Self Help