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In Pursuit of Change....For Africa's Economic and Business Development

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I. Speaker Engagement Topics for FEEEDS Advocacy

Initiative (all speeches are property of FEEEDS):

Keynote Themes (These are general themes; Speeches are personally written & tailored by Amb. Sanders to ensure they are specific to an event's goal & purpose and reflect current issues & the current international environment at the time of the event. This applies to call speaking categories noted below on this page. Summaries of speeches are not provided in advance. Speeches remain the property of FEEEDS):


  • The US-Africa Relationship - Why it is Important
  • Sub Saharan Africa's "Sahel Extremism Belt:" Where is it & What It Means for US National Security?
  • Entrepreneurship, The Diaspora & Technology: Keys to Africa's Development & Middle Class
  • Africa Diaspora Issues


  • Global Sustainable Development Goals: What they Mean for Women, Youth & Africa
  • The New Global Landscape & Our Role As Global Leaders
  • Defining Civil Rights in the Global Context   

University classes or workshop (General Topics, Tailored for specifics

of event)

Dr. Sanders can address the following issues in lecture classes:  

  • Africa's Political, Economic & Environment (Climate Change) Today
  • Africa - Poverty Alleviation: Food Security, Education, Environment & SDG's
  • Africa: Democracy, Human Rights, National Security, Africa Youth Bulge
  • Country-specific issues: Nigeria, Congo, Sudan, & other African Countries
  • Human Cultural Communication/Cultural Intelligence
  • Communication Expressions: Sign, Symbols & Language
  • Africa: Security, Conflict Reslution & Rise of Extremism
  • Importance of Soft Power (public diplomacy)
  • Role of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) in Development
  • Financial Literacy/Financial Inclusion
  • Importance of Being a Generalist in Today's Global Environment

II. FE3DS, LLC - Africa Business Areas: 

  • Aviation Security
  • Housing (Affordable) & SME manufacturing
  • Cashless platforms & Financial Services
  • ICT, mobile platforms & new technologies
  • SME & Diaspora Businesses
  • Media (Africa-focused)
  • Power/Energy Sector (Africa: generation & distribution)
  • SME & Entrepreneurship Development (Africa)
  • Vocational, Youth & Leadership Training (Africa)


FEEEDS®= means Food Security, Education, Environment-Energy, Economics, Development-Democracy, Self Help